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Walks to nearest faucet, wash hand for an hour, then approach Vinure.

“Sir, may I shake your hand?” *the hands are still wet*

>> *Regional “Favor” or “Disdain” generated through quest completion or protection provided to the area.
It would be nice if we have Fame/Renown and relationship/fondness with faction/regions. Greater fame reduce the chances of enemy engaging you in world map. Furthermore, enemy unit with significant lower fame has lower morale at start of battle(everyone chickens out a little when they face the Legendary XXXX, right?).

>> *Multiple Mercenary groups (up to groups of 12) that roam about completing quests and killing creatures.
Would it be fantastic if we have a mercenary ranking system? We can compete against other mercenaries, challenge them to a duel, or scout their ace.

Having very high fame doesn’t necessarily make your brothers rank high in mercenary world. Your gang could’ve made a name by just slaughtering around. Higher mercenary rank gives access to higher pay and more difficult quests.

Both fame and mercenary rank will diminish over time as people forget you and your rival mercenary rise when you’re idling.

>> Ability to pay other mercenary groups or guards to aid in otherwise impossible or unfavorable battle situations.
A lot of people have probably mentioned this, and I know devs are working on it. Still, I hope this will be implemented soon (oh boy I’m excited). Otherwise, it’s like being in a class with a lot classmates and you’re being isolated.

>> *Addition of Bounty Hunting, Bounty Hunter(both as a background, profession, and single/group individuals you track & kill), towns would be able to set Bounties on you (assuming you generate enough “Disdain”) for crimes such as robbing/killing merchants, attacking a town, ect…
*rub hands with t-shirt*
“Sir, can I shake your hands, like one last time?” *the hands are still pretty wet, dead lord…*

If it’s not too troublesome I wish we could have “Incident Detection” or “Witness” system. When you kill innocents(or guilty orcs), you’ve a chance to be seen or reported. Chance of detection depends on numbers of towns, road, buildings in vicinity, daytime or night time. If you kill an orc near the city at daytime, the related orc faction has 99.99% to hate you. If you assaulted a merchant at night, where no buildings/units are nearby, the related town has 3% to hate you.

Also, maybe it’s nice if we have “informant” system. You can pay crowns to get information on the location of other merc and the hidden base of orcs, as well as their numbers. Of course you can scout/search the area yourself for a specific enemy base, if you’re willing to take the risk of encountering several enemy scouts at same time. On the other hand, if you happen to find a hidden orc base (especially those with high bounty), you can “sell” this information (before it is wiped out). Once you sold/reveal this information, other mercs will try and rout it.

>> *NPC’s you can sanction to create new roads from one location to another in exchange for coin (or favor earned through events.
Village/City/Castle/Stronghold creation (or the ability to “take” and over time build upon the current structures)

“D-Dear Sir, can I-“

I think it might pretty fun if towns can be destroyed completely, or turned into city (after a long duration of unhindered trading with caravans)
Since new roads can be built, it’s nice if roads that’ve not been used for long time disappears. For example, a road which leads to destroyed town.

>> *All physical stats should have a natural progression as you gain experience (Not levels) – Leaving the level cap at 11 but continue to let your Mercenaries generate experience in addition to the stats you select to increase per-level.

If possible, I actually prefer “proficiency” style in stats growth. For example, every melee hit you perform (whether miss or hit) has 0.01% chance to increase melee skill by 1. Furthermore, your stats growth is affected by your opponents. If your lv1 unit performs melee hit (whether miss or hit) on lv3 enemy, your unit has 0.09% chance to increase melee skill by 1. On the other hand, you have 0.001% chance to gain stats from enemy which has lower level than you. The stat growth cap from current system still applies, so you won’t gain more than 4 melee skill per level.

I believe people who’ve been experiencing hell would be stronger than those who train with weaker opponents.

>> *Progressive damage to Moral & Resolve through continued loss of Mercenaries. (IE: Hundreds of battles later you still have your 3 founding members, and with it they have recruited and lost 30 mercenaries, their moral and resolve would have been damaged over time through it (Unless Immoral, or Carefree)
“Sir, by now my hands are probably dr-“

I couldn’t agree more. If your team has won several battles recently, they should have higher morale at start of battle. Oppositely, they should lower morale if they’ve not been in battle for long duration or been suffering losses or deaths.


I believe the following is already in progress, but just in case it isn’t.

Fast forward(or quicken) the time/pace on world map(and in battle)