Reply To: Minor Usability Suggestions

Avatar photoManaSeed

Both escort and intercept feature is nice. But I’ve been thinking about the one-click-pursuit system. Since our unit is slighter faster than all other units in world map, I suggest that homing pursuit against enemy should have slightly slower travel speed (maybe 80%?) compared to manual click. Otherwise…. we will never lose sight of any target we saw. Also, does it make sense if you can predict where enemy is going/heading? For this reason, I wish homing pursuit against enemy has a travel speed penalty.

Brother A: Damn! After all day long pursuit, they just vanished in the woods…… X!#!#@&$#%
Brother B: *sigh* Forget it. It is pitch black now. I’ll head back for some drinks.
Brother C: Me too. I’m beat. Well, I hope you can find their hideout.
Brother D: We’ll be waiting for your good news at the usual bar in town *smirk*
Brother A: ……………… *manly tears are shed*

Scenario like this could be nice too, isn’t it? :D