Reply To: My Ideal version of this project

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Thats fair and well, but at least don’t make a mockery of the dialogs and plot.

As I was giving Diablo and Dark souls example.. make it vague . Vampires and ghouls doesn’t sound vague to me.. but Any setting can be put in a good place.

I am a fan of Allan Moore, make every setting human. You can do it here.. give humanity to all monsters. Give the user the chance to befriend them

You were talking about Walking dead, that is a good example.

But both WD(dialogs with ok plot) and Banner Saga(dialogs with broken plot) are good at different things, and both fail at Choice and consequences. Pretty linear if u ask me.

So all I am asking is for this project, even if the resources are put in combat and such.. don’t ruin the plot.

Thank you