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>>The point is that you’re not face to face, but seconds away from engaging. Terrain might slow units down before they reach each other, but not by that much. Everything about the map suggests this, through the size of the map, the scale of the units and objects, the amount of AP you get per turn, the lethality, how far you can move, etc. To clarify, It does not take minutes to swing a sword twice and for the other to dodge and counter-attack, but seconds. Same goes for running past a tree or readying your shield.

Well, we have different opinions about how fast a human can act in a seemingly-hard-to-move forest, where he has never visited before. And different opinions whether human warriors will rush straight towards opponents at the first sight, like a salvage.

About “seconds away from engaging”….. I dunno. It always seems to me that a 12 v 25 battle takes a quite a while. Walk here and there, kill the undead, undead revived, and killed him again. It sure look very strange to me that a nearby enemy unit doesn’t come to join the battle while I’m spending time to fight his friends. It’s even stranger that I can take down multiple enemy units that gathered right in front of their bases, one by one.

>> You’d want to rush when time becomes something that can result in your position on the world becoming worse, which is what would happen if time moves at such a pace that reinforcements become viable. This is because for reinforcements from either side to a viable factor, time would have to move at a rapid pace as otherwise they’d never show up. Time moving that fast results in the player always getting punished for taking their time, rather than their approach being dictated by the circumstances of the battle itself, because time passing is bad for the player as it means losing resources.

Well, time doesn’t have to move fast. Why reinforcements have to come? Reinforcements don’t have to come…. unless it’s justified. Should enemy reinforcements come if you’re bashing their people in front of their base? What makes you think you shouldn’t act fast in enemy territory, especially when you’re alone with no reinforcement?

A time-consuming battle should be resource consuming too. I thought a long war spent A LOT of resource?

>> Furthermore, you’d get a disconnect between what you see happening in combat and the amount of time that you’re told is actually passing.

Err… *look left and right* Well…. I don’t quite understand. Why?

>> Also, having fatigue cost increase by a percentage per turn would also quickly result in combat being completely crippled. Having low-fatigue characters would be impossible, undead would become invincible and the only viable way of fighting would be killing the enemy as fast as possible.

Imagine a high fatigue contestant fighting with a low fatigue contestant. The contestant with high fatigue will definitely use the difference in fatigue to his advantage. He will hold out as long as possible and deliver the final blow when the other contestant is tired. But it doesn’t mean the latter contestant can’t win. So please do not discriminate people with low fatigue. Yes, of course he has to fight faster. That’s exactly what it means of having low fatigue!

You mean Skeleton would be invincible because their morale cannot be lowered? Or they would invincible because they’re extremely resistant to ranged attacks? But that’s exactly what it means to be a skeleton!

You see…. I really hope you would respect the dead. I mean, accept the way they are. They might not be the same like us but you can’t ask them to be like us. Because…… they’re just different, but not less.

>> Also, fighting a spear with a dagger from far away would be impossible…

That’s exactly what it means to wield a dagger!

That’s exactly- etc etc etc
>> I just don’t see adding passage of time being worth the effort or actually improving the game. It’s pretty much fine the way it is now.
Well…. *smile* you pretty much can guess what I’m going to say against this, after I’ve been talking for so long. Still, it’s just something I prefer. I do realize it is not easy to implement this, even if anyone likes it. Because everything changes if time moves in battle.