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I love this game, in fact I got one copy for myself and another one for my brother. What I love even more is how the devs are still working on it and reading through suggestions. These are some of my personal suggestions…some, if not all, which I’m sure have already been posted by other players.

Some rather big suggestions:

1. Rivals – merc groups going around fighting and doing their own quests. This can be AI or player controlled. The neat thing would be that you dont necessarily have to play nice with them!
2. Regions – different areas that are friendly/hostile with one another. This could go with an indicator that lets you know your standing with that specific region depending on what and how many quests you have accomplished, how reliable you have been with them, etc.
3. Ability to raid or attack settlements. This could be tied in with the indicator above, with you gaining reputation if you attack enemies of a region or gaining infamy if you attacks a town that is friendly. This could also tie in with the first suggestion being that towns will put bounties on you if you have attacked or raided them.
4. Fixed locations have the appropriate buildings as shown on the map. If you’re attacking a ruin, there should be collapsed buildings and torn walls as obstacles, etc.

Other suggestions would be:
1. Ability to determine starting formation/layout, unless you are the one attacked.
2. More types of quests, armor, and weapons.
3. Increase level and population cap, and expand skill tree.
4. Ability to import/create your own colors for your flag and possibly even name the starting members.
5. More types of unique enemies (goblins, dwarves, elves, etc)

These are just some thoughts. I’ve read other good suggestions by other players too. Regardless of where you take the game, I’m excited to see where it goes and anxious to keep playing through the updates.

-A very satisfied customer!