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>> The current factions are enemies of each other. And everyone is attacking everyone all the time, unfortunately mostly we do not see it. Usually such conflicts occure at the faction borders.

Regarding everyone attacking everyone, it’s quite true because other than humans, everyone else……….      are monsters.

Humans might not attacking monsters all the time, at least not for merc and bandits, they’re not chivalrous enough for that. Yes, I agree that the guard captain would slay all monsters to keep the town safe.

To clarify, bandits will attack other bandits from different faction in current game system, right? Well I think it is normal if we rarely witness the conflict between bandit factions, since their bases are in the woods and we tend to travel with road. But have you seen two bandit factions fighting over a town?

>> Why wouldn’t an orc band attack the bandits? Same humans in their eyes. Why not the zombies? Easy prey. Etc..
An orc band would attack the bandits, because humans are very racist because you just can’t reason with savages. On even terms, I don’t think bandits will have a lot of motivation to attack orcs, as they’re strong and have less valuables compared to human targets. Well, a band of bandits attacking a “puny” orc band is justifiable though. Yup, easy prey and easy money.

>> There is always gain. If you see a bandit group fighting an orc group why wouldn’t you jump in assuming they both are too busy with each other and weakened. Same goes for any other faction.

It couldn’t be more correct than what you’ve said.

*while being impressed, slowly move away from Sky*

(The way he speaks it, I can feel The Evil Within him. Those eyes….. he’s the real thing.)

I don’t think anyone will let go the opportunity to pick up what is left from two fighting parties. Now this leads to another question, when should the third party interfere? When either fighting party is dead? Or when either/both party is almost dead?

>> Easiest way to see this is at the very start, after accepting the quest and gearing up just wait for the settlement to pop out a caravan or depending of the road-hideout position even 2-3 caravans and attack, all of them will be forced to help.
I’m a little bit lost here. First, follow the caravan departed from a settlement, I can do that. But what should I do for second step? I’m not very sure I understand second step clearly.


>> Units and bases already have a radius. Here is a dev video with turned on dev tool, it is an old one. Just watch it and many things will be more clear about the mechanics itself. That is why I think there should be no problem adding in reinforcement raidus or similar to the existing ones.

Thanks a lot m(_ _)m
I’ll watch it soon.


>> Unfortunately the devs didn’t give out a testing version with enabled console and commands for testing purposes.
(Man…. (ーー;) I can feel the evil presence from him again….)


Yea, I’ve always to ask, how do you quote a single sentence from someone’s post? Or can you redirect me to this site’s BB code page?