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>> You can enter 3 way battles by attacking the enemy that has a different enemy faction unit near by so it will be drawn into the battle. Or join an already ongoing battle between 2 enemy factions. Same goes for human patrools and caravans, you can draw them in even in fort attacks that are near the road.

>> Easiest way to see this is at the very start, after accepting the quest and gearing up just wait for the settlement to pop out a caravan or depending of the road-hideout position even 2-3 caravans and attack, all of them will be forced to help.

When you start a game you spwan next to a settlement that has always the tutorial job for destroying a bandit hideout next to this settlement. Now since it is randomly generated the positioning of this settlement, the road, and the hideout will differ. Usualy when a caravan is spawned and you attack this hideout the caravan will fight since it is in the support radius. Now sometimes the road goes next to the hideout and the settlement may spawn more than one caravan, you can catch em all in the hideout battle.

Yes I knew about the forced involvement feature related to battle. The thing I don’t understand is….
The essential elements that form a 3 way battle are enemy faction A, enemy faction B and you, right? So why do you need the caravan anyway? Because the caravan could lure out these enemies easier?

Incidentally, I’ve just happen to encounter a 3 way battle(different enemy factions are fighting over a town between their areas), and I discovered a problem.

The scout report doesn’t report about orcs at all, probably due to lack of space. You see, I’m not really complaining about the free scout. But I would be happy to pay crowns to hire a better one.
>> Ofc just skipping turn and hoping for the most possible casualties on both sides. Just a small boost at the start. It is an exploit in my eyes and should be fixed, but untill then…
This is actually a tricky situation. For example, when you’re fighting with an enemy faction, you discover the appearance of new enemy faction. They just stand far away and do nothing. What should you do? Would you keep fighting or ask the enemy for a break? I’ve never experience things like this but if I were you…. I won’t stop fighting. Because I have no choice. I won’t ask the enemy for a temporary truce, and I won’t believe the enemy if he’s proposing one. Who can guarantee it isn’t a lie? What if he swings his weapon when I have lower my guard? Besides, can you imagine having truce with bloodthirsty orcs? And you’ve just slain some of their men too.

I believe skipping turn and hoping for the most possible casualties on both sides is a justifiable and feasible act.
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O F F   T O P I C
HOWEVER, truce can be made if leaders from both sides have very high EQ and leadership. Please be patient as this explanation will be a little long. For example, You(Sky) as the merc leader, are fighting with the bandit leader, GOD. Then you saw another bandit faction standing aside and doing nothing.

*Two men having conversation as they dance with swords and shields.*

Sky: Hey… did you see what I see?
GOD: …….little bit- beach standing over there, waiting to rip us off.
Sky: So no matter who wins this fight, we still lose(die).
GOD: ……….can you me tell something more obvious than that?
Sky: Tsk! We don’t have time for satires! There will be no truce when one of our men dies!! So are you with me!!??
GOD: Hmph. You’ve been granted the permission to live a little longer.

*Then the two men order their brothers to stop fighting each other*

*After a brief moment, the combined force has routed the sly bandit group successfully, with a little more trouble than expected*

Sky: Hey….*smile* You’re pretty good.
GOD: Good try. I’ve been considering of sparing your life for a second.
Sky: So…. you wanna continue where we left off?
GOD: You look pretty worn now. I’ve no intention of bullying the weak. Just get out of my sight before I change my mind. I will kill you the next time I see you loitering on the road.
Sky: Say, why did you………. Nothing, I’ve be leaving now.

*He wanted to ask the reason why the bandit leader became a bandit, but he held back.*

*The merc leader and his men are leaving slowly, then he turns back and let out a cry of soul*

Sky: HEYYY~~~~~ YOU TOO~~~~~!!!! *smile* Don’t get killed~~~ By other merc before~~~~~ I lay my hands on you~~~~~

*The bandit leader did not reply, he quietly stares at the direction where the merc group vanishes.*

*Meanwhile, a bandit has found something wrong with another fellow bandit.*

Bandit A: ……..hey, what’s wrong? You look deadly surprised. You got stabbed in the tummy?
Bandit B: Am I seeing things? B-Boss has smiled…

– to be continued? –

Suddenly, this game has become really fishy…. (≖╻≖;) I always wanted some bromance in this game….. but now I’m not sure if I want it anymore… ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”


>> Same mechanic goes for other near the road enemy camps, you can suck in the patrols and caravans into a camp ambush. Same exploit.
Sucking in patrols is fine because they have a sense of duty to keep the area safe, so they will aid you. But I don’t think they should aid you in raiding base, because it make more sense if the patrols report the hidedout and gather more men before they attack the enemy stronghold.

>> Or you can simply follow around a strong caravan or patrol vulturing all fights even jumping in for a last hit exp steal. Same exploit.
To me, kill/exp steal in such fashion is not an exploit. You’re just a very bad person that schemes to take credits with a plan. Acting like some sort of merc which happens to pass by the area and saved the caravan, while you’re actually been following it. You get some crowns (as a token of appreciation) and the title of savior. I won’t do such lowly things but I think it makes senses.

Regarding this matter, I found something else which makes less sense. This game will give you loot/equipment even you do nothing at all (or just skipping turns while staying at corners) in a co-op battle, if your allied force emerged victorious. This can only be explained if you insist it. The caravan never expect they can survive such tough fight, they’re unusually happy/hyped today so they decided to share the joy by giving you some equipment/supplies, even if you’ve done nothing at all.

щ(ºДºщ) Caravans~~~~ Why are you so generous!?


>> Now for the quoting. When you quote a message it starts with quote and the number of post(next to the quote button) while ends with /quote. All you have to do is place the same [ quote=xxxx] and [ /quote] around every chunk of text you want to quote separately.
O|¯|_ Ugh… It’s a little troublesome. I better forget it, sorry for your trouble though. Where did you learn this BB code? Do you know the code for spoiler? The BB code from different site doesn’t work here.

>> While playing now forgot to buy food, first time ever to have someone desert my ranks…


*passionate staring eyes slowly turns into cold judging eyes*

If you’re not doing it for experimental purpose…. I dunno what to say. All I can do is to cheer you up with some laughter.

(Hahahahaha~~~~~~ look at this guy~~~~~~ dear GOD~~~~ I can’t stop laughing~~~~)

I hope you felt better now.

>> Now the party was already beaten over and over having 4lvl 11 and the rest 1-4lvl. Ofc the only one who deserts is my lvl 11 main leader type guy… And he was a founder aswell.
Damn. I wish my team has someone like that. When the team has almost nothing to eat, he left quietly, so there is more food for everyone to share. And he took all the blame just like that. Must be one hell of man.

You say your party was beaten not long ago, right? I bet he did all this because he doesn’t want to see any brothers to die in front of him anymore.

>> Why did he even participate in forming the mercenary group if he’s the first one to run…

Divorced people are judging you.

>> Not to mention his title was “Fearless”… What a lier.
A fearless person doesn’t take less damage from a slash or have higher resistance against pain/suffering/starvation. He is simply oblivious or ignorant to these threats until they hit him. This is probably the difference of being fearless and having strong will.

He lives up to his name depends how you think. He wasn’t afraid to leave the team despite he knew his buddies are going to badmouth about him. Not caring what other says actually takes far more courage than what you think, especially if they’re close to you.

>> And if that was not enought he took all the gear with him. Heraldic mail, full helm, noble sword… I want to capture and murder him.

When you’ve no food to eat and dying…. who needs these stuff anyway? Especially when these are heavy equipments. Unless you wanna test your limits by carrying heavy burden when you’re insanely hungry.

Everything indicates it’s just some bad acting to take all the blame. So his brothers can split his share of food without a sense of guilt.

Mercenary is such troublesome creature. Why can’t they just say what they think? You’re just worried about him. Is it so difficult to say it?

>> Why is that not in the game.
The game says I might find my expelled buddy in tavern or something, but I’ve never seen it before. It would be fun if we have a chance to meet them elsewhere in future. Imagine you’re overwhelmed by a large group of orcs, when you never expect a valiant guard captain would stand between you and the orc leader, while you’re lying on ground, waiting for impending death. You suddenly realize his outfit is slightly different from standard guard captains. That heraldic mail, and that full helm, everything looks so familiar…. and his silhouette looks taller and braver than anything else.

Someone really need to teach how to use a spoiler ASAP….