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I decided to suggest more delicate weapons for female brothers, which is yet to come.


Titan’s Sword (giant sword) > A weapon designed to fight dragons, when all other weapons have failed. Not to be mixed with greatsword (a.k.a claymore or bastard sword). Consider this weapon a variation to greatsword. It deals more dmg than greatsword, and use the same skill set without overhead strike and split shield.

Dragon’s Bane (Split) ==> costs 8AP to use, has -55% chance to hit, can hit up to 3 targets in a straight line
Ender of Forest (Swing) ==> costs 8AP to use, has -75% chance to hit, can hit up to 8 targets (using the same arc)

(Well, enemy can easily predict the movement of this long and heavy blade.)

-1 AP at start of each round, as you become less agile by carrying the big toy.

The weapon is not primarily controlled by strength of arms. It involves precise coordination between arms, waist and legs. As well as perfect timing in shifting center of mass, while utilizing almost every muscle in body.

What. You still think it is impossible? Why are you so sexist?


The user is expected to wear very minimal or no armor to offset its massive fatigue penalty. Are you happy now? Can we agree it’s a weapon for female brothers?

Yes I know have gazillion types of swords in BB. I suggest this weapon despite I realize it doesn’t add much value to weapon list as it doesn’t involve new elements, because giant swords are too cool.

Greek Fire > roman style slingshot that fires incendiary grenade flask with highly flammable liquid. Has range of 4 tiles. Target being hit will suffer burn status for 2 rounds. Flask will break on ground if it misses the target, and burning liquid will spread to 7 adjacent tiles. The flame lingers on ground for 2 rounds, and any units who end turn by standing on those burning tiles will take damage. It can burn bush (where units can be hid within) to ashes.

Chakram > Can be thrown in straight line up to 3 tiles for full damage, and will boomerang its way back to you if it misses the target. It will drop on ground which is right in front of unit being hit within range. You can pick it up manually or wait for it to be retrieved automatically upon victory.


Whip > particularly weak against armor and but strong against unprotected body. It greatly reduces enemy morale when enemy’s unprotected body is hit. Afterall, it has the power to bend the will of a lion.
If you accidentally hit an ally, he will be restored to full health, provided he has the trait “Masochist”. Making this the most unique weapon for female brothers.


Gauntlet > One can’t really claimed they have laid their hands on enemies until they have equipped this.

Jaw Breaker (Attack 1) ==> deal slightly higher dmg than bare fist. Has +15% chance to hit head, and has 35% chance to stun enemy when target’s head is hit.

Takedown (Attack 2) ==> deal dmg while ignore enemy armor by using joint lock technique and CQC (close quarter combat). What do you mean it’s not possible to do this in an armed fight? You can do it when enemy is wavering or breaking. The knight from Gotham city does it every time after he has frightened the enemy. When executed successfully, it also disarms enemy’s armament (the weapon drops to ground).
Can also be performed when you’re hidden in bush and enemy walks near the bush. If Snake can do it, you can do it too. It has higher success rate if your unspent fatigue is higher than enemy’s (as it’s less likely for a tired person to break off a fresh person’s grapple).

I suggest this weapon because bare fist is too weak, to the extend which surprises me.

On an irrelevant note, would it be the deadliest move in BB if we equip this and use Eye Poke on enemy?


Glass Sword > A transparent sword made of highly reinforced glass. Enemy has hard time to dodge its attack as its movement and weapon reach can’t be determined with eyes. Has +15% chance to hit but has fairly low durability. Consider this a variation of Noble Sword. Yes I said I realize we already have gazillion swords but I just wanna keep this as custom weapon (custom noble sword) for my female brother who is the leader of my group.

“There are many like it, but this one is mine.”

Yes, I suggest us to have custom weapons, which serves as variant to existing weapon. We can have glaive or voulge, which is a variant to another weapon, everything is same except it has different art and slightly different tradeoff in stats. So you can choose a beautiful variant which has the best tradeoff to suit your playstyle. Now we can have eye candy and our “personal” weapon.

I also wish to order equipments in city for triple price. I don’t want to wait like 30 days to get a specific equipment. This might be more useful when we have a wide variety of equipments.

Please slap me next time I suggest a sword related weapon, again. On second thought, forget what I’ve just said. I don’t want to die with a swollen face. I think I’m a little obsessed with blades, probably as much as OP likes polearms.

So as I pray….

unlimited blade works.