Reply To: Larger more epic map please

Avatar photoGOD

Not trying to dog-pile on you here, but I don’t think I can agree with most of those getting put in. Blades are pretty cool though, so I can see why you’d want to see more. :)

-Giant swords didn’t exist. Maybe have something like that as some sort of crazy legendary weapon, but not as a regular one.
-Greek fire isn’t something you could readily get your hands on and very much a Byzantine thing.
-Chakram is an Indian weapon, so it wouldn’t fit in a Germanic setting.
-I’ve never heard of whips being as used as weapons. They’re very useful for torture and self-flagellation, but not meant for combat.
-The gauntlet would either require a reworking of the slot system (so that you have a slot for your arms) or for your armour to affect the damage of the damage your fists do, as some armour had padding so that it could be used like a brass knuckle. The latter is probably the most feasible, though it would still be a fallback weapon when you’re left with nothing else. That’s also why the brawler gets a 100% damage boost to unarmed damage, as it’s not meant as your primary attack.
-Glass swords never existed. Obsidian was used in the distant past because of how sharp it is, but it’s so brittle and hard to get that you wouldn’t see it used on the battlefield.

A custom order would pretty much amount to smithing getting put in. They thought about doing that, but I’m not sure if it’s still planned in some shape or form.