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@GOD – yes – as much as I can get, medieval weaponry was essentially that, very diversely shaped wood and steel. Since weapons are central a bit of immersion would be great…. especially the Holy Roman Empire had an extreme diversity of pole arms and swords throughout the middle ages.

ALSO – whips would have very rarely creeped into Germany as a weapon… they were however mastered and commonly used by the Cossacks in the Eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth realm from at least the Dark Ages. In fact they were used a primary weapon of raiders to great effect, and against armored Russian Boyars or Mongol lancers to pull them off a horse and kill them before they recovered from the stun. There are accounts of skilled whip users pulling off armor and helmets off of knights with their whips (the Mongols and Tatars used them too, they were called “lariats” more accurately), and they used them against Hungarian and Polish knights to great effect, and not only in mounted combat.

– as a person who has been involved in core teams in some monumental mods (RTR, NTWIII; The Last Days for M&B etc.) I can tell you that all modders do is pick up the loose pieces, and we enjoy it, BUT there is nothing like a dev really looking after the pleasant “cozy” details themselves… that makes for “best” results.