Reply To: Larger more epic map please

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Regarding the term “fantasy”, rather than having more magical/legendary weapons, I mean the real weapon physics don’t have to be applied very strictly or correctly (this is a game, not to mention it involves fantasy creature), since we opt not to apply real science. This is an easy way to have more variety in weapons. We have hundreds of medieval melee weapons, but if we’re going to group them according to weapon physic and actual combat results……

In our game, the flail is said to have ability to bypass shield’s defense. In my opinion(never used a flail before), it is correct to some extent but it should actually works more like breaking the shield. But we already have several weapon skills which can break a shield, so we assign different functions to flail. That kind of logic. Half real, half fun.

Long story short. Impractical but cool weapons. Should we have them? (by using our fantasy to adjust their ability appropriately. well, we can have better chance to justify them in this fantasy world, right?)