Reply To: 143 Hours played so far

Avatar photoSarissofoi

127 hours on Steam.
Not bad for a EA.
One of the best indie game coming alongside with Darkest Dungeon and Starsector.
I play them too. recently I play a ton of a Starsector. Its like a Battle Brothers but in real time and in space. You gather spaceship, command your fleet, hunt pirates or fight military, trade or smuggle.

And there of course is a Witcher III.
One of the best game this year. Fighting mechanic is little clunky(like always in Witcher games) but it has great atmosphere and characters.

I didn’t play BB like two weeks I think. Game is good at tactical level but is poor at global map. Limited quests, not working economy, no reputationand no personalization. |Just feel like one band show with lack of other actors.
Still tactical battles are great.