Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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>> Hah! I’ve run into the same problem when I’ve tried to go test out various builds. If only we had a way to access a console or a testing custom battle set up thing or w/e so that we could create specific battle brothers and test them out.
I have the compulsion to pick up every single loot. When I’m fully loaded, I have the compulsion to sell the loot at relatively high price, even if I have to travel to the furthest town. You might slap me for the next thing I’m going to say, yes I have the compulsion to buy food at almost lowest price. “But this doesn’t even make sense! How much are you going to save from that?”

I’ve racked up 150,000 crowns. After finding absolutely no purpose to have so much crowns, my compulsion for money making is finally cured.

Now I’ve decided to send my kids brothers to college. I hope they can learn something or gain some experience from it.

Aside from the joke, I would trade 15 crowns for 1 exp. 30 crowns is fine too, all I want is to send my brothers to college.

>> At this stage of the game the only threat are those heavy armored orcs.
I’m still finding good way to handle enemy archers that comes in large numbers. At this point I begin to believe my brothers are wearing far less armor than everyone else.

>> Ranged brothers are bad against heavy armored orcs so I would say archers are useless.
Ranged brothers are pretty good against them, but melee brothers are just damn good. Depending on perks you’ve chosen, melee brothers can be anti-melee specialists.

>> Tbh I havent had chance to try out javelins.
I recommend you to compare a crossbow and javelin. Crossbow for accuracy & firepower, while Bow for tactics (1 extra range means everything in battle). I’ve seen people mentioning the advantage of javelin is the ability to wield a shield. But when I look at the amount of Javelin’s ammo again, I bend slowly and cover my face with my palms.

>> And if AI gets better scripts and understands it has advantage at ranged combat they could just take good defensive positions and force you to attack.
I don’t understand about their advantage at ranged combat. Isn’t the side with high grounds will have the ranged advantage? If you’re talking about patience, yes. Enemy can simply fall back to high grounds and wait for me to come. I can do the same but I don’t have eternal life to win the war of patience.

>> I would like to see some skirmish combat front of the lines to really make other party to be forced to attack or retreat. Mb increase the range of bows.

If enemy is too weak, you’ll be “forced” to attack. If enemy is too strong, you’ll be forced to retreat (*´・v・)
Just me though. The range of crossbow and bow is kinda nice.

I don’t think it is justifiable, but I want 5 extra ammo in arrow/bolt quivers.