Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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>> Advantage comes with numbers and quality. If enemy has more men with bows than you, you have to try to engage them in melee as fast as possible

Mana: M-Mr. Tactician, what should we do! *panic* T-There is one enemy in front of us!!!
Jaffai: Please call me Jaffai. The lone enemy has a bow with him, but we have 12 men with us. So we should rush the enemy.

*The next day*

Mana: M-M-Mr. Tactician, w-what should we do! *panic* T-There are 20 enemies in front of us!!!
Jaffai: Ahem, Jaffai. The enemies have more men with bows than us, so we should engage them in melee as fast as possible.
Mana: So we just rush the enemy no matter what happens!!? щ(ºДºщ)

>> I know how to use them in the way that you cannot catch them. I would shoot you once and retreat to higher ground behind my melee.
You can actively fall back to high grounds and let archers fire behind melee brothers. But can you imagine AI doing the same thing? Okay, if both you and AI are waiting for each other to come. Who do you think is going to win this war of patience?


>> If you go into a tough fight without the best equipment you can field, you’ll lose brothers.

In tough fights where enemy has large numbers, you might have difficulty to support your brothers once the melee confrontation has started. This is especially tough for frontline brothers as they are facing current enemies, ranged attacks, and more enemies to come. They probably need to tough it out until an amount of enemies have died. So heavy armor is the easy and good way to keep them alive.

>> I also use brothers as “holding” troops sometimes. By that I mean, I tie down 2-3 enemies with one brother, who just sits there shieldwalling every turn. With good melee defense, a shield, and heavy armor, he can last a long time while other brothers focus down other creatures, then come and smash the held troops at once.
At early stage this tactic is a saver. Especially when your group has lower strength and numbers. Now I have sufficient firepower so I rarely use this anymore………………           O|¯|_ until something goes wrong again.


Also, is it a silly or troublesome idea to switch armor according to scout report? (when engaging bases or enemies that doesn’t pursue you)