Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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>> Meatshields = raw recruits. Not all melee brothers. Raw recruits are expendable, because they don’t have perks and upgraded stats that my veteran brothers possess.
Not sure if it’s just me. The idea of “expendable recruit” never come across my mind. I only choose the recruit that is likely to become best of the best, until they got bested or replaced by even better recruit.

>> And I said problem lies elsewhere than the ammo count. I find javelin useful as it can complement a melee brother’s capabilities. Provided he has enough stamina left to fight after throwing them. It lets you attack on the move.

Yes I definitely saw you mentioned that. But there might be certain perks which allow you to have more stamina. (so I didn’t say anything about that)
Wouldn’t a crossbow be a better alternative to complement a melee brother’s capability, as it’s more deadly in most situations? Unless your focus is in raising the shield.