Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

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If you have to invest a lot of stamina to be able to throw and then fight in melee, then it shows how big investment it is for a weapon that isn’t ultimately great on its own. It’s useful, but such an investment for a side arm? The only redeeming side of such building up of your brother might be the fact that reducing stamina cost of armor will help your stamina overall and complements the javelin usage by itself…

To me, stamina is the most important stat in the game, and it’s a stat that gets increased for everyone at every single level up. I rarely run out of stamina at max level without using perfect focus, unless the fight goes on for a very long time. All my melee brothers carry javelins, and most of them have the quick hands perk. Javelins do a huge amount of damage, and can often kill even armored opponents in one hit. They can also break shields. Most of my melee brothers get to throw at least one javelin before melee combat, sometimes they get to throw two. I find it to be quite effective.