Reply To: More Mid-battle Statistics

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>> If I didn’t explain it clearly enough or I made a mistake in this wall of text please let me know.

I think it’s pretty clear, especially in this sentence.

“Am I playing poorly or am I just getting unlucky right now?” and these stats actually answer that question.

This really add the flavors especially when you have contemplated for 3 hours in a very tough battle, you were very proud and confident that your master plan would bring you victory yet the result was complete defeat. Being defeated after so much effort is really sad, but at least now you know whether you’re the narcissist or the cursed.

I didn’t say I enjoyed playing Battle for Wesnoth, right? Okay, then everything I’ve said should have more objectivity.

Regarding statistics, I would like see the performance statistics for individual brothers. For example, I wanna know the average damage dealt by a brother in last 10 battles. So I can see how is everyone doing.