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Are more hairstyles planned? I saw one mercenary with this hilarious Cossack style mustache and only the hair style was missing. Would be fun if that was possible.

Yes, more hairstyles, faces, beards and stuff will eventually make their way into the game.

Are more professions planned? Perhaps you could add like a “foreigner” type profession? Like 13th warrior style. Or even a cossack or I don’t know heathen/pagan? Maybe a pirate but not the Caribbean one but more of the viking type one. Anything that works well with the time period.

Absolutely, we’ll keep adding backgrounds.

I would suggest to expand the descriptions as “more bandits, beasts of higher lvl at the beginning of the game” or something like that. Can’t remember if the amount of starting gold is mentioned… I was also hoping to find a “how the game is meant to be played” at normal difficulty.

Hard difficulty does not make for higher level opponents, so the suggested description wouldn’t be true. Less starting funds are already mentioned in the description.

Also the amount of warewolves that I encountered was a bit absurd. I kept running around from one guard post to another. Had to fight off like 5-6 packs one after another and then finally I got surrounded by like 2 orc parties and that’s how my best run ended which took like 20-30 restarts to even get through the first fight without huge losses 😀 So yeah… it seemed a bit excessive or I was doing something wrong.

Difficulty can be very uneven currently depending on how the world is generated. This should be smoothed out a bit with the coming worldmap rework.

I felt like yours as the player and the 4th founding member presence is quite lacking in the actual game. I understand that allowing people to customise a founding member would be OP and not in line with the game but what about at least allowing people to design the world map piece? That could be the personification of the player. At least allow to choose a gender. I know I would love designing my own little Battle Brothers piece. People would start using that as their avatars for sure 😀

As mentioned elsewhere in more detail, we’re toying with the idea to allow the player to create a non-combat avatar. It’s a low priority feature, however.

Have you considered adding pavise in the game? That’s a type of shield that is known even from like Homers Iliad times up to the 15th century at least. Initially it was used as cover for archers and crossbowmen but I know the type of shield from Lithuanian (I’m Lithuanian) history as a smaller version of the pavise was used by knights since it freed the shield hand and allowed to hold on the reigns with both hands or at least with one hand when they had the sword out. Also it’s in a few county flags as well.

Yes, we’re considering it along with a bunch of other medieval weapons and equipment that may make its way into the game.

Environmental changes When I was running around from one guard tower to another I had to go around a huuuuge forest if I wanted to reach these different towns. Or… Or I could just cut a lil corner through the forest and save a lot of time. What annoyed me is that I almost never went the long way around if I didn’t need to run into a patrol unit so I went through the forest sooo many times but a pathway never developed :(

We’d indeed like to have the environment change dynamically to some degree to reflect events on the worldmap. It’s unlikely this will include pathways developing where the player crosses forests, however.

And lastly, I would love to see a roster of my fallen brothers like in Darkest Dungeon cemetery. Like I suggested before perhaps if they came back to life it would trigger a quest for you to put them out of their misery etc. Or maybe burn the area so that other brothers don’t come back to life.

A sort of memorial wall / graveyard is a planned feature.

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