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Colossus ==> A lv1 hedge knight has about 65 max hp. If you increase hp every level, you will get about 30 (3×10) max hp. In conjunction with colossus, you’ll reach about 120 max hp. By sacrificing 1/3 stat points and 1 tier one perk point, you get about 50 extra max hp.

Worth it? You probably don’t want to know the damage of enemy weapons.

Would this be better if you spend 1/3 stat points in defense stats, and spent the tier one perk point for other alternatives?

Shield Expert ==>
+25% (round down) defense bonus granted by shield, also +25% (round down) defense bonus granted by shieldwall. Now this is something we call a “perk”.

Deflect ==> useless perk top 10. There are two things that cannot be broken. Your faith, and your shield. The faith of a bro is indestructible (you don’t have to bro fist me, it’s common sense). The shield is immortal because enemy rarely attacks it.

Battle Forged ==> the counterpart of Sundering Strikes. Effectively increases your armor value to 125% (by reducing armor dmg taken by 20%).
1 tier one perk point for 25% extra armor value, if you still want something else you must be a greedy bastard.

Dodge ==>
15% of Initiate stat becomes bonus to melee&range defense stat. So we have to talk about Initiative stat before discuss this perk. Initiative is useful but it doesn’t worth any of your stats point because there are far more important stats. This perk is obviously a compensation and encouragement for Initiative. This perk loses its effect once you’re hit, making it disadvantageous in prolonged or tough battles. Enemies have at least 5% chance to hit you, making this perk even less useful.

Hold Out ==>
Double the bonus granted by Confident status. You have 5 more % chance to hit and 5 more % chance to dodge. These look like small numbers but it actually create great difference in combat strength. If you have both Nimble and Hold Out, the Confident status increases your melee defense by 20. I can’t say this is an award winning perk, but it is definitely a very solid perk.

Fortified Mind ==>
If you have never experienced supernatural incident in real life, you have no excuse to choose this perk. Ghost? Does it worth 1 tier two perk point? Think about it. Well devs said they are going add more ghosts in the game.

Nine Lives ==>
IT’S NOT….. OVER!!! I’m NOT done with you~~~!!!” This should be the manliest and coolest perk in the game, only if it’s not one of the weakest. Man, 1 tier two perk just to take a fatal blow per battle? Also, what has this perk to do with the number “nine”, it’s only once! Mr. Cat finds this insulting and suggests you to change the perk name to Die Hard.

Nimble ==> I don’t need to say anything. Just wear the heaviest armor and be nimble!

Anticipation ==>
It’s actually nice, only if it’s tier one perk. I dunno…… a tier two perk only for about 15% chance to dodge a projectile is little cruel, I guess.

Steel brow ==>
Another top 10 useless perk. I don’t even feel like explaining.

Rotation ==>
One of the reasons why players still bat an eyelash at defense perks. I’ve never tried it but I know it’s good stuff just from reading the skill description.

Indomitable ==>
It’s a little too weak for a tier three perk, but too strong for tier two perk. Looking at its effect and duration, it’s likely to be a counterpart of Killing Frenzy, with additional abilities to immune stun, push and grab.

Return Favor ==> “This is the end for you orcs, die!!!”

“Huh, what do you mean you’re not orc?”

“You mean you’re Orc Warrior?”

*after a while*

“Ughh…. my bleeding just won’t stop….”

“I don’t understand this…. tier three perk is not only the ultimate crystallization of all my martial knowledge and proficiency…..”

“Most importantly, It’s…..”

“MY PRIDE!!! My Symbol!!! The reason everyone is looking up to me…” *coughing blood*

“W-W-Why…………. wouldn’t it work?” *sword slips away from the grip*