Reply To: Amazing game: Some suggestions for improvement

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>> Well, I guess it makes sense then. I still wish brothers with full helms could at least see 2 squares at night instead of literally only the square next to them, as that completely makes them useless for javelin and pike purposes.
I’m no optic master but it’s weird if you can’t even see the enemy at distance 2, which is also the attack range of your spear, even it’s at night.

You know why it’s weird? Because you’re so stupid that you‘re not allowed to won’t take off the helmet! щ(ºДºщ) It really pisses you off when your comrade tells you that you don’t have time for such thing in an intense battle, after seeing him reload the crossbow again and again.

It could very hard to land a javelin at a specific target in pitch dark forest, without the guidance of moon goddess or torch salamander’s blessing. But it is possibly no one use tor- salamander’s blessing because no one wants to be an obvious and eye catching target.

To be honest, I’m kinda curious how medieval guys fight a night battle. It’s so dark when there’s no moon, and nobody lit a torch at all? If yes, wouldn’t a moving torch attract all kinds of flying objects?