Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

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Update on Adventurous Nobles with 65+ starting starting Resolve:

Do they even exist? Since I have a buttload of cash, I decided to simply keep hiring out heroes and then dismissing them with my final 12th slot to see if I can snag such an Adventurous Noble. And I have yet to see anyone with 65+ starting Resolve, after hiring probably a dozen Adventurous Nobles. Three of them had either Fearless or Brave, but that still didn’t get them there. The highest I’ve seen is 62.

By the way, there is way too much starting stat variation/gyration. I’ve seen Hedge Knights with high 60s start Melee Skill; I’ve seen others close to 50. A bit too much, you think?

Such a disparity means that you could have characters with far inferior stats than the norm, EVEN IF they actually have the starting Trait that are perfect for their Backgrounds/roles.