Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

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>> Also, I assume these stats are prior to Background & Trait boni? For instance, I just got a Hedge Knight with 115 Fatigue, and every other stat exceeding what you quoted other than Range Skill & Defense.

What is boni? But I can guess what you’re trying to say. Yes you’re very keen. These are old stats taken before I use Microsoft excel to record stats. So they are not accurate and less meaningful, as what you’ve pointed out.

>> LOL, I don’t see how seeing naked lassies would “reduce” a man’s fatigue.

There are powers hidden within all of us.

If you’re deadly tired after walking 50km, you must think your limit is around 50~55km.

What if I tell you that you can actually walk for another 50 km? If your beloved ones are waiting at the destination for you to rescue them or something, you can probably do it.

For real men, looking at curvy maidens can mentally energize them. This power-up greatly exceeds the effect of drugs taken by wimps.

These pretty ladies with quite a personality have a chance be the wife of a brother. In other words, battle sister represents “future”. In turn, children represents “legacy”.

Everyone dies one day, your legacy is the only thing that passed onto the world. He/she carries your will, dreams and message to the world. How can you not be excited when you fantasize about creating your legacy?

*wiping nosebleed*