Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoInvictus73

Student ==> Yeah I learn stuff 20% faster! But…… I’ll never learn that perk point which was gone. A forum member has said this before, this perk should be “Mentor” which enables other allies to gain 20% extra exp.

This is indeed stupid beyond belief and needs to be replaced. A perfect newb trap. And if newbs really need it because they are really clueless, then the bonus ought to be much higher.

Brawny ==> Good but probably will never be taken by anyone. Because its tier two alternatives are far more useful than it.

Strongly disagree. Is likely a better option than the other Fatigue countering Perks if you are a heavy armor tank (they won’t do well with Battle Flow since they won’t kill often enough, and Weapon Master doesn’t give them extra hits without Perfect Focus). Of course, all your troops are wearing lingerie and brandishing huge sticks that require two hands to move, so I see how you feel this Perk is not worth a second look.

Inspiring Presence ==> Not bad as a perk, but not worthy of the title “Tier Three Perks”. You can replicate its effect to a lesser extent with Captain perk. Even if you can’t, you will never choose this over Rally the Troops. Not to mention your brothers will get Confident status in middle of battle, so does it really matters to begin the fight with Confident status, by using tier three perk?

I take this now on my Swordmaster, but I agree it should be a tier 2 or grant more benefits if remaining in tier 3.