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Jaffai: Max Fatigue (With billhook) = 105(Perfect roll)+50(levels)+20(Background)+15(Strong)= 190-14 = 176
That is 9 attacks with billhook and perfect focus without taking any other perk in factor.

73: But those numbers are not likely even possible in practice!

9 consecutive 2h hits are slightly deceptive because it requires a minimum of 189 max fatigue. (189 -40 focus cost -14 billhook penalty)/15 fatigue per 2h hit = 9
You might die in front of monitor before you get a Wildman with 104 initial stamina and Strong trait. When perform 9 hits consecutively, your brother can’t take even one step forward due to insufficient fatigue. This is relevant if his nearest target is at range 3 (as a Perfect Focus user, I can tell you this will happen very frequently for various reasons).

HOWEVER, what really matter is 10 extra max fatigue from Wildman gives a lot of value to DPS build if you have Battle Flow. It can push your non-stop attacking abilities to a higher level.

>> I think I am fairly sure, but I am only a man, and thus always fallible. But I don’t think I ever even recall this guy having less than ninety five percent chance.

Edit: He’s a sword user: A Swordmaster Riposte bot. So perhaps that explains it?

Well I’m not sure about the calculation of hit chance. It looks like simple addition/reduction and I never have trouble to hit/kill enemy with melee, so I didn’t pay real attention to it.

Edit: Swords’ normal attacks increases hit chance by 10%. So perhaps that explains it?

>> Yes, I see that Wildman are better in pure DPS terms. But I prefer a more balanced build; in particular, those 10 Melee Defense means a big deal for me, as my melee DPSers are wearing only Lamellar Harness and using two handers.
I think 10 melee def means big deal for everyone. If it’s hard for your brothers to die, your enemy will die instead.

>> By the way, I don’t understand all the fuss about Lost Souls.
I don’t understand how they work too. But I’ve seen them made my 80 resolve steady brother fled with one howling. Ever since that, I kill them as soon as possible. Fleeing is hell when you wear woven tunic.

>> In attachment more math, I know how much devs like it.
Lol. How did you find out that devs like math?

>> excel screenshot
The equation shown at the top is too long and complicated for me O|¯|_
But whole thing is quite tidy, it inspires and motivates me to do my own.

>> I’ve seen 69 (LOL) on a Hedge Knight, I believe. I guess 80 is possible on a Swordmaster.
If max initial melee skill is 55, swordmaster increases melee by 20, you shouldn’t get 80 right?

>> Screenshot or it didnt happen :D.
Invictus, show Jaffai the dumb what is photo editing.