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>> I thought you use Woven Tunics on all your melees?

Unlike most people, I’m not passionate to share my stories like writing web diary.
(o´・∀・`) But you looked desperately interested so I guess it can’t be helped.

I still have 2 very old brothers not wearing woven tunics and hoods. Both wear closed mail coif, one wear Heraldic Mail and another wear Gambeson.

If you’ve never tried pure DPS(woven tunic) build before, you might not understand the stress. You might not able to imagine how concentrated I am when I command my woven tunic brother with increased melee+ranged+max fatigue, which have no armor and defense stat improvement at all. These are the only 3 melee attackers with absolutely no defense properties, other melee attackers have increased ranged defense(thus they’ve sacrificed ranged skill/weapon). Woven tunic with no defense properties is no joke, so I’m hesitating if I should put more brothers like this into the team.

My team is meant for experiment purpose and still under development(because there’re always people who pop up and provide new info, like one background is better than another…. argghhh I’m angry), rather than the final version of my ideal team. So I’m keeping these 2 oasis brother for the time being. Also, the gambeson and heraldic mail look kinda cool. So not all my attackers look like militia with brown uniform (woven tunic). Having an attacker with heaviest armor can let me see the difference with&without armor, so I might convince myself to put on some armor for all attackers one day.

>> I actually thought of switching all my Hedge Knight “workhorses” into Swordmasters.
I’ve already done the opposite, in order to squeeze more DPS out of melee brothers.

>> What do you think?

I think it makes thing easier and enable better decision making by SIMPLY compare the difference.

DIFFERENCE between Hedge Knight & Swordmaster (you can ignore the hp and resolve difference because they have minimal impact)
Hedge Knight ==> +20 max fatigue, +10 initiative, +20 hp
Swordmaster ==> +10 melee skill, +10 melee def, +5 resolve

Looking at the difference in value, I think you more or less have an answer in your heart.

>> For them, I think Brawny is still better.
If you agree Battle Flow is better for offense, Brawny can only prevail over Battle Flow with its higher initiative. Higher initiative should help in defense as you can act before situation get worse.

>> If I go with Battle Flow instead of Brawny on Swordmaster tank/hybrids, then my Initiative will be soooo low…

Will this matter though? I will have two Nimble, tarpit Swordmasters in pajamas (not quite lingerie), two archers, all units that can act quickly.

1) Higher offense with delayed action
2) faster action with lower offense

Which do you prefer?

In my case it is faster action with higher offense. Just a little breezy though… achoo!

For simplicity purpose, I think it’s better if we exclude ideas such “offense is best defense”, “you don’t have to defend if enemy is dead” in our current discussion. Otherwise we would involve advanced discussions such as “Offense v.s Defense”, “Perfect ratio between Offense & Defense”.

We will simply look at things in terms of your preferred style or your preferred ratio between offense and defense.