Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoInvictus73

DIFFERENCE between Hedge Knight & Swordmaster (you can ignore the hp and resolve difference because they have minimal impact)
Hedge Knight ==> +20 max fatigue, +10 initiative, +20 hp
Swordmaster ==> +10 melee skill, +10 melee def, +5 resolve

Looking at the difference in value, I think you more or less have an answer in your heart.

Keep in mind I have three different melees: Nimble Swordmaster Riposte bots for pure “tarpit,” Hedge Knights for pure two handed DPS, and the conventional Shieldwall tank. I am looking for what I need for the last role. I had hitherto used Hedge Knights, but wouldn’t extra fifteen Melee Defense on Swordmaster be determinative for a Shieldwall guy?

(By the way, Swordmaster has fifteen Melee Defense on Hedge Knight, not ten.)