Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building


>> well, perhaps not this any longer, as I’ve matured!
_φ(□□ヘ) Someone says a humble person will never tell you he is humble. Same goes for mature person.
_φ(□□ヘ) But this a friggin lie because today I saw a matured person said he was matured.

Ok, comparatively speaking then.

I’ve been wondering about that too. All I know is greataxe can kill a single orc warrior faster than greatsword. For Perfect Flow brothers, I think it is more stamina-efficient to take out orc warrior one by one with greataxe, rather than using greatsword area attack on multiple orc warriors.

Greataxe’s Split Man hits both head and body, so it can break both helmet and armor. Making it hard to compare Greatsword and Greataxe extensively without collecting a lot of data.


Indeed; and I only used a greatsword on one guy, simply because he was missing 2 Fatigue to use a greataxe to swing it 4 times. Of course, soon I will recruit enough “Strong” Hedge Knights to swing all 2 handers FIVE times, and then my DPS will be in the surreal land! ;)