Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

Avatar photoInvictus73

Anyways, latest changes to my “dream team”:

*4 Hedge Knight “workhorse” tanks:

These stay mainly as is, except one major modification: I am favoring Initiative greatly on these guys, because high Initiative allows them to “march block” (Warhammer term) opponents, and let me dictate the tactical map. This means, among others, they, not my “berserkers,” will get Orc stunned.

So they stop leveling Melee Offense at 90 and level Initiative instead at that point. Further, they now no longer wear the heaviest helmet and armor; instead, we go with Flat Top with Mail and Lamellar Harness.

*2 Swordmaster “fast” tank Nimble Riposte bots:

Like the workhorse tanks, they favor Initiative now. Except these guys will be even faster, as they won’t be shielded and use even lighter armor. They stop leveling both Melee Skill & Defense at 90 and invest in Initiative and Fatigue instead.

*2 Hedge Knight “berserker” melee damage maniacs:

These stay the same, except I am not stopping till I find suitable “Strong” Background candidates, since I want them to be able to swing 2 handers five times with Perfect Focus, not the conventional four.

*2 Sellsword ranged damage “snipers”:

Like their melee damage brethren, I won’t stop till I find suitable “Strong” Background candidates, as I want them to be able to shoot an extra time. Otherwise no change.

*2 Adventurous Noble Rally bots:

These stay the same, except they, too, use lighter armor (they don’t need heavy armor when they have Nimble and generally stay furthest from action).