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>> Nimble helps in two ways, even if my captains generally stay away from melee fights. First, things never go as planned, and scary melees can close in on you. Second, Nimble allows me to dispense with shields and heavier armor, so I can have higher Initiative and Fatigue, without sacrificing survivability (except to ranged attacks, which is not an issue at the moment).
Hahaha, my rally brothers(captain) have far more armor than my attackers, I can’t recall the last time they get hit. Even if there are multiple Vampires, my captains might be the last brothers to be attacked.

>> Certainly, I don’t see anyone achieving the melee DPS I achieve from what I’ve seen.

How did you find out about that? Is there any website or link for players to post their battle results?

>> I think I am aided by having dedicated tanks, as well as the fact that my melee DPS wear reasonably heavy armor. The rationale is that having such safeguards in fact allows my melee DPS to take risks and go all out “beast mode,” whereas having all melee DPS wearing lingerie might make me more tentative.

You might already knew this. There are more or less 4 types of DPS builds:
1) pure DPS build ==> deal highest DPS against dummy target
2) highest DPS build ==> deal highest DPS per round
3) optimal DPS build (aka optimal build) ==> deal DPS where offense and defense has achieved perfect balance
4) stats maxout DPS build ==> deal DPS where all stats spent yield greatest value (diminishing return on stats is minimized to the least)

Unless personal preference, one should not choose (1) over (2) if he knows how to construct (2).
Similarly, one should not choose (4) if he can find out how to construct (3).

Since some of your brothers have 90 Melee Skill & Defense and you’re aiming to deal highest efficient damage, you’re probably assembling something between (4) and (2).

Mana: Amateur-friendly build
Invictus: I think it works for both amateur and advanced players.

Not sure if the term “amateur-friendly” sounds misleading to you.

The deadliest weapon might be deadly for different reasons:
1) deadly effect
2) it is deadly despite who uses it, even a chubby baby

On the other hand, not all builds meant for advanced players are extremely strong. It might simply mean the build is highly personalized or customized that’s why it is meant for advanced players.

Your build has solid capabilities to resist defeat and it has variety in it, so I think it is very suitable to amateurs as they can learn from the variety as they survive battles. Likewise, Steel Cohort is not something I would recommend to amateur because I don’t want to scare them off with boring play style.

>> I’ve been meaning to broach this topic for some time, but I did not know how to do it delicately. A disclaimer: I am neither homosexual nor excessively “politically correct” (an American parlance, not sure if you know this term, as I don’t know where you are from). Nonetheless, it mildly bothers me when you refer to everyone, however innocently or even affectionally, in terms reserved for homosexuals. Not sure if this term is normal where you come from, but calling people “gay” is not polite in my circles. It seems like you are a nice, pleasant person, so I am really perplexed by this address. It’s not a huge deal, and I know it’s online, but being incessantly called “gay” is a bit annoying. Kinda like how I object to seeing people using the “f” word needlessly online. I don’t know. Maybe I am old fashioned or prude or what not. At any rate, I am not requesting you to stop calling people gay or the like; I am just curious as to whether there is a background story or context to your decidedly odd form of addressing people.

(゜д゜??) I don’t understand what you’re saying, at all.

Still, I went and googled the following keywords, which have no relevant results:
   Gaiz gay
   Gaiz urban dictionary
   Gaiz gay insult
   Gaiz gay relationship

I first seen the term “gaiz” on a forum. It was used by a young girl. Because there were both male and female members participated in the discussion, I found the term “gaiz” sounded more friendly than “guys”. It became my preferred term for “Ladies and Gentlemen”. So far no one has mentioned anything before.

( ・◇・)?Is there some kind of new non-mainstream culture which changed the meaning of “gaiz”?