Reply To: Two Small skirmishes, same Company. Rupert and Eberecht

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Eberecht cut down another skeleton.
“Damned old, dry bones.” he muttered under his breath, as he crushed the skull of another cadaver with his cleaver. Then he finally saw what was making this small army of undead walk- the old, shriveled figure in leathery, black robes. The necromancer saw him, and beat a hasty retreat. Unfortunately for him, he was a frail old man with bones about as old as his soldiers’. It wasn’t hard for Eberecht to catch up. The necromancer carried a small, wicked dagger, as well as terrified eyes glowing with fear, a characteristic that his army of undead lacked. At this Eberecht showed a wide grin, and in one easy movement ended the old man’s life. Spitting on the body and leaving it to the crows, the Iron Crowns went back to Windau to receive their reward.