Reply To: Gameflow: How you end up playing?


>> I tried your trick of getting heroes: And it is faster than the conventional way, but the last few ones are really hard to get.
In case you didn’t know this, F5 is quick save, F9 is quick load. But it doesn’t matter at all when you have black magic. Also, if you’re really having hard time to get what you want, feel free to ask Jaffai about advanced black magic.

>> I ended up with six wholly raw recruits at one time, which made leveling really slow
Anyway, how do you farm exp? I try and unveil orc lairs(with green text) without destroying them, so orc units will keep spawning. This is my most efficient method to farm exp, though I still find the exp rate low. Not sure how long, maybe 3~6 hours for me to raise lv1s to lv11s.

>> How do I take a screenshot when my printscreen button (among a few others) is broken? I want to show you this screen

If you want to convey your information to me, I don’t need the screenshot because it can’t talk. I need you. (well, screenshot should be handy in a different scenario such as team analysis but not in our case)

>> 4300 in five rounds, by single brother

Let me guess what happened before you tell me the answer. High damage per round dealt by a single brother probably has to fulfill two or three conditions:
1) the brother steps forward alone while other brothers are at rear, so he attracts all the enemies
2) there are a lot of enemies, but with moderate toughness which can be kill in about 2 hits. That’s why the brother can keep moving down enemies with his Perfect Berserk Flow. If enemies are all orc warriors, there’s probably no way he can keep his stamina running.
3) you might have Rally brothers for stamina regen, this might or might not be necessary depends on situation.

Okay, your turn. Let’s see how much I’ve guessed correctly. Try to be detailed as possible. Because I want to find out if it’s something I’ve never learned or discovered. If yes it is probably something extremely useful. Though I suspect it’s something I know. It might be the similar situation when I trained my recruits with only a few DPS brothers. But I have never achieved such high numbers with single DPS brother nor I let a single DPS brother done all the work before. So I can’t be sure at all.

>> So the claim that melee DPS cannot DPS big numbers without being unsafe is simply false

It depends on how speaker definite “big numbers” and “unsafe”.

>> By the way, being able to swing a two hander five times (with “Strong” Trait characters) v. four times make a HUGE difference. You are not only getting the extra one swing, but that swing potentially leads to another.

I don’t think I can live without “Strong” Background DPS characters any longer.

Good. You’re doing better than what I’ve expected. At this rate, you’re going to get naked soon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ