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Avatar photoRap

3) regarding event “Pay Raise”, it seems the wages doesn’t increase when my brothers was inflicted with Greedy trait.
Also, when I agree the pay raise, the wages increases by about 10%. When I disagree, my brothers become greedy so their wages increase too (apparently not working). It is like a thug asking you to choose between money and life. Even if you man up and choose money, he will spare your life and take your money after using all kinds of MMA on you. He called them choices, but in the end you have no money to buy battle brothers regardless what you choose. I suggest one of the choices should not affect the wages at all.

Just to clarify this; the second option, like you suggested, does not affect wages. You chose not to raise the pay of your mercs, so their wage doesn’t increase. Some may become greedy, however, which plays into future events. This doesn’t mean that they secretly get paid more afterall.

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