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Beef the Second: I didn’t have any option in mitigating this problem. I would suggesting adding a few choices such as limiting his rations to avoid the trait at the expense of his mood. I’m sure you could think of a few good ones too. Events are great for flavor, except when they come off as unavoidable penalties.
To put it another way: I would suggest avoiding events that don’t give the player a choice. Even if both choices are bad, at least the player is effecting the outcome, further drawing them into the story.

Yup. I warned of EXACTLY this earlier, when events were being anounced. How a lot of angry reviews of The Banner Saga wrote of random events which penalise the player, without him having any influence on the outcome of the events. And it was precisely because of those angry reviews that I decided NOT to buy The Banner Saga, because I hate it when a game randomly puts spanners in the works, when I have tried to carefully manage a team. Just like having a random “Hugo just died of a stroke”, and there goes your lvl9 knight, event thingie… A big no-no!