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Just a quick little clarification regarding the events from our side:

– Almost all of the events happen according to certain triggers, there are very few that can be considered a general event and even those are often bound to something like being in a certain tile like a road or forest.
The triggers can be quite complex and just because the player does not instantly realized “why” an event occured, does not mean there is no reason for it. For example some events only trigger when you have a certain amount of crowns or provisions, both high and low. Also, meeting all the requirements for a certain event does not give you a 100% chance of it happening. We intended the events to add flavor and interesting occurances and interaction within the party to the game and we do not want players to be able to trigger certain events on demand.

– The outcome of your decisions in the events may vary for most events so if one time something happened it does not mean this will happen like this the next time. We did this to increase replayability and spice things up a little so that even very seasoned players experience a little change from time to time.

– If all triggers are met, some events are more common than others. Not all have an equal chance of actually showing up.

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