Reply To: Questions on RP elements and character progression

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Absolutely. At this time, the player can select 3 out of 6 stats to improve by a randomized amount (dice throw) on levelup.

I know it’s a bit too early for this, but please add an “average roll” option! :)

We’ll do a blog article on character progression and details on the passive skills once we have everything a bit more refined and are satified this really works the way we intend it to.

Looking forward to it!

all characters also come with 0 to 2 randomly assigned character traits from the start, which should help define these characters as being unique among their peers. Character traits are essentially also passive skills but can’t be picked on levelup and aren’t necessarily all positive.

I absolutely loved this system in Battle for Wesnoth. Really added to the gameplay.
Hopefully in Battle Brothers there will be even more uses for these traits. Will there be more to this game than tactical combat?

There will be an end goal and several milestones on the way, and we’ll present them as part of an ongoing narrative related to The Greater Evil (the exact nature of which varies from game to game). However, the story will be kept rather loose and non-linear to support the open world sandbox gamestyle and not get in the way of replayability.

Sounds fantastic.
Do you plan to release modding tools so that players could construct their own narratives?