Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

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Your point is clear, and the way has been repeatedly raised the question at the forum on this subject: see all the features before they are hiring mercenaries. The answers were different. including that it is part of the gameplay. Perhaps. I’ve been thinking about this aspect of the game from the moment of my first hired mercenaries … and found out that he is on a wooden leg and a fat … So there is a proposal on this subject: from the mercenaries should be say so obvious features that you can just to see if their main the hiring – backgraund and the example he 1 eyed. as well as some hidden features that will occur with time, maybe even to give a level, and will depend on how successfully hired the fights and how you manage your squad.. I explain: Imagine your team often loses people-the remaining mercenaries may appear features pissimist or disloyal. damage is heavy in every fight- there is a chance that he will get the perk fragile bones or injury. I think it is clear. The only question is how it is possible to realize in this game engine. very much hope that the opportunities it would make the game better and more logical. Sorry for the long text and my English is so even in “not my” topic :)