Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

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Instead it does seem as it is you who choose to thin that your desire of random and acceptance that the game will “force” most users to save/reload “all the time” as people don’t like their decisions to arbitrary be punished by the game – as something desirable. I have an open mind and have no problem with your desire to play the game. I do have trouble with the narrowminded approach you have that embracing random is the way to go for everyone.

I don’t really care how you play the game. If you wish to save-load in order to get whatever recruits you desire, then so be it, but going against the flow and then calling me narrow minded for reminding you that it’s here by design and you’re playing it wrong (and even asking to change a core feature because of that) is foolish. Here is a direct quote from the developer on the matter:

The fact that you eliminated money as a concern when hiring characters is an achievement, but it doesn’t mean you should be able to do the same with quality of characters available, ever. Not that the recruiting system can’t be improved upon, but there is a reason it is like this. If we wanted you to always have the best recruiting options available, we’d do so. But we don’t. We want you to pick up less-than-ideal candidates and mold them into mercenaries, and we want you to keep an eye out for fitting recruits as you roam the lands, not to lay siege to a town until the right recruit strolls along.