Reply To: Remove real time as factor when taking missions

Avatar photoDenjanjeau

I feel a that a two times speed would be good when you are going town to town trying to find a job. I agree with the pausing the game when an enemy enters sight. Make it an option in the the settings to toggle on and off.

Well x5 or whatever was perhaps too extreme… just an example :) I just want to reduce sitting and waiting around for no good reason. I want to play the game. Make decisions and so on.

But a part of the game so far is real time. Wathcing a caravan is EASIER in one way than going by yourself between two towns as the caravan will team up in a fight. Yet the reward is much greater. Partly because the party takes more upkeep, but I sense mainly because I have to sit and click and adjust to the speed of the caravan. I don’t really enjoy that…it feels like micromanaging something boring and investing real time instead of game time.

Now this is of course personal taste. But a game like battlebrothers promises to be doesn’t need real time investments as it’s FULL of decision making. Dilemmas is already appearing and so on. I am sure this will be balance to not be boring. The game is in early release. Just wanted to voice that this is an issue for gamers like me. It heavily reduceds the fun of a game if I have to arbitrary spend a lot of real time to get the fun that I could get without spending as much “dead” time.

And in this aspect I do believe that I am not alone :)