Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions


Denjanjeau,stop it.Youre wasting time.

Why? Since when is constructive discussion a waste of time? :) Generally it IS a bit pointless arguing on the Internet (even if you win you are still retarded), but this isn’t about winning anything. I am (and I am sure all are here) genuinly interested in assisting (if I can) to make this game as great as it can be. The devs have a vision and that is very important that they hold firm – or change it with awareness – and not adjust to user taste to appease people. That would be bad.

So I respect vision and goals. But I happen to “know” from experience how certain things will work out, so I raising issues that I see. That is why I totally respect the desire to not have perfect mercenaries and I personally LIKE that. I am just pointing out that how it currently works won’t give that.

The discussion has been fruitful to me as at this point I would probably post a different suggestion:

1) Because the issues save/reload, informed decision vs. gamble… unfair result…. bla bla
2) Reveal information, but make all mercenaries have 2 good and 2 bad
3) make all good and bad more interesting than they seem now. Advantages and disadavntages and not just clear cut.

That would be interesting to me. I really like making informed decisions and molding things into working well. I just don’t like trying to make a good decision and getting “slapped” because the game treats me unfairly. That annoys me. And I know it will annoy most main stream gamers. Although most main stream gamers will save/reload much much more than I will if I like this type of game. That is why I like rouge like games ;)