Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

Avatar photoDenjanjeau

Not ironclad parallel perhaps… but that is what I try to argue. I will voice my own personal taste in hope that it’s something that others like, but this entire thread has mostly been about me explaining what the effect will be of certain things. And that are perceived facts, not personal taste.

Everybody knows that. It’s even in the developer’s quote.

It is in fact not clear in the quotes (at least not the ones I read) that devs do understand the consequences here. If they come here and say they do understand that their desire for users to have bad traits of their mercenaries will be void with the current implementation and that they don’t care about it, then I stand corrected. I would be very disappointed by such illogical conclusion, but I am sure devs can live with that :)

What they ARE Saying is that the are aware that users (many, few whatever) will save/reload and that they are ok with it. But I am not sure they realize that a majority will and that the consequence is the one I am saying. That that fact means that there will be LESS diversity because of the hidden stats instead of more diversity. My hope is that they have missed this conclusion and when realizing this will rethink the issue. OR that they have other things planned as additions (I have suggested a few alternatives to revealing all traits in this thread for example) that changes the issue in an innovative and interesting way that I haven’t foreseen. I only respond to what I see and know. The game is early release.

The fact that YOU seem to think illogical solutions is a good thing is fine with me. But it has no relevance to me as you are not a dev :)