Reply To: Conformity issues

Avatar photoHoly.Death

There are many different ways to play the game. And I am not saying mine is the most effective or anything. But I tend to choose similar skills and similar type of equipment. Which might be because I totally lack imagination, but may also be because it’s effetive and no reason to alternate.

– At some point in game (level 5 or 6) enemies tend to stop being a problem. It’s a known balancing issue and will be adressed with time and further development. There is no real end game as of now. That’s one of the reasons why people don’t have to change their play style so much (excluding early game).

– There are more types of enemies and environments planned to break players’ habits (such as using only one strategy/build to deal with all enemies). That’s where goblins come into play as they use different tactics than the of other factions. They also want to make some other perks more viable (such as Fortified Mind, because so far we only have only one enemy type that’s affecting morale, making it too situational). Changes to skill system are already confirmed, although there are no details on that yet.

– Archery is very good, but archers need time to get to a point where they’ll prove to be greater asset to their team than a liability. I find archers to be among the best members of my team as they mow down unarmored targets and soften up armored ones before lines close to one another. And even after than with high enough ranged skill they hit enemies reliably enough for me not to be afraid of friendly fire. They basically fire until they have no stamina left.

– It’s possible to protect archers. It requires a lot of smart positioning and controlling what’s going on (orcs are the worst), but I have no problems in stopping enemies in their tracks before they even get close to my archers (and I have 4 of them, so that’s 8 people to zone enemies out).