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We’ll see how that works out. In general it will make more sense to not stack the heaviest armor you can find on everybody.

We stack heavy because it’s the only real protection. If you’d maybe counterbalance that with adding more dodge and evade skills mechanics it may be more effective to fight large, lumbering orcs in light, agile armour, quickly striking and retreating, thus keeping your guy alive. But as it is now, there’s no such mechanic and one lucky hit from an orc can still kill your guy, so it’s better to put all heavy stuff on him in hope he survives. Only the game is currently so punishing with fatigue (even if I select I’ll make one strong guy my tank, but then the leveling gives me shitty stats, all 2’s and I can’t pump up his fatigue), if I give him not even the heaviest armour, but some level 3 or 4 stuff, he’s too heavy and only has enough stamina for one strike, then has to rest. Bit too restrictive if you ask me.