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Thanks Devs for such a great game! Been looking for another medieval style game for awhile now and this hit the spot.

The one thing I wish this had however, was the ability to perhaps design one character within your Band while leaving the other two random. While it may open it up to creating extremely OP characters, that could be fixed by implementing something like Project Zomboid’s character creation, where good traits could be selected, but have to be balanced out in point value with negative traits, so that while your character may be a strong, iron lunged hedge knight, he’s also insecure, craven, and a bleeder. As well as gaining the ability to be more in touch with your band, It would allow the game to designate a character as a commander, and open up a whole new world of interactions based upon his traits and background. If your character is craven, perhaps he doesn’t command as much respect from his brave or determined comrades, or has different choices during interactions.

All in all this game has been a ton of fun I hope you guys can work on this and more down the road.