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Some random ideas

1:Has the idea of adding non-combatants to your mercenary band come up? Naturally, any fighting force needs support of one form or another. Examples could be a dedicated smith who improves the speed and effect of repairs, making them require fewer tools, courtesans who would increase your men’s base morale, chefs and quartermasters who would make better food, maybe giving morale or max fatigue bonuses, armorers who over time make small improvements to arms and armor giving small bonuses to durability, damage, or penetration, couriers and runners who bring word of new contracts from other towns. I’m sure that there are all kinds of other roles that could fill out a band of mercenaries to help in their own ways.

2: I know the goal is a low fantasy, grim kind of game, but there are necromancers, undead, and mentions of dark magic. Is there potential of the battle brothers ever getting their hands on any of said occult secrets? Filling out your roster with a few undead could add an interesting dynamic, and could open up a host of events as the living battle brothers may recoil at the possibility of becoming the resident necromancer’s next pet, may desert out of fearful superstition, or perhaps thank the necromancer for the aid provided by his minions.

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