Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


Wow, the goblins are tough.

With this update I started to boost my hitpoints more, in combination with colossus to counter the new armor system. Still it didn’t save me against the melee attacks of the goblins. High evasion and directly attacking the hitpoints is a deadly combination, no matter the physical strength. It makes me want to try a swordmaster build with a dagger.
The archers are the best of all factions. Lower damage is easily outweighed by the high hit-chance and the poison. They hit very often, maybe I should boost my ranged defense more. Not sure how to do that – all other stats are now so important, too. Even in melee the goblins archers are very dangerous, because they just like the other melee fighters, hard to hit and attack your hitpoints directly.
My archers have a lot of trouble hitting the goblins, although I had quite a few lucky one-hit-KO against goblins without helmets. Against shields it’s tricky, luckily most goblins so far didn’t have shields.
And there are the wolfrider. Pretty strong with their three attacks. Manageable, but I usually have to swarm them in order to take them out quickly. I’m currently using chainmail, but none of my guys survives fighting a wolfrider on his own.

Imho the goblins are a bit to well all-rounded. They don’t have any real weakness, on the battlefield or on the world map. All goblins on the world map I’ve seen were super fast, but maybe these were just the ambushers. I managed to win an even fight without any real losses. Two guys died, but I only hired them recently. Two guys of my main crew only survived barely.

The first was fighting a goblin on his own and was dangerously reduced to minimum health. He was wielding a 2-handed weapon which is probably a mistake against goblins, and the archers fired at him as well (2 of ’em), but miraculously missed. Then the goblin in melee missed as well. My other brothers came to aid and finished the goblin of.
The other one was chasing an archer, again on his own was critically stabbed and only saved because he could knock the archer away with his shield. In the following turn the goblins were retreating, so he was save. The goblin archers are to good in melee I think.