Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


-I find the key to fighting them is to use shields. Equip shields on everyone but the archers and advance 2 squares at a time using shieldwall until within 4 spaces for the charge. Having my archers stand behind the shieldwall gives them an advantage in the ranged fight. My two-handers always get the quick hands skill so they can switch to a billhook or pike if they need the extra range to make them useful when 3 spaces away from the enemy. This allows them to use the shield while advancing alongside my one-handers. I only have my two-handers carry a shield when I see goblins coming for me on the overworld map.

Character advancement
The +2 melee attack really unbalances game as far as weapon choice
-ranged attack gets +3, new weapons, more piercing damage, counters goblins… they become the clear winner over melee characters
-lvl 11 daytaler will often have the same melee attack as a lvl 1 hedge knight
-we MUST choose melee attack on level up as there are only +20 max and missing out is terrible, so we only have 2 real choices for skills to level

Some really fun things due to the new mechanics
-archer with quick hands, large pockets and bezerk allows one guy to fire 3 xbows, downing 3 full health bandits or goblins in one round
-archer with quick hands and a 2-handed sword lures a wolfrider while taking shots then swaps to melee and then really goes to town
-swordmaster vs 4 orc warriors kills them using his sword without destroying the armor
-my axemen don’t care what armor bandits are wearing, they die in 1 or 2 hits.
-using bushes to shield my men vs goblins and then pouncing never gets old