Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


After playing the newest patch for more hours, I took the following notes:

-There’s no way to buy nets. I’d love to use them more often, but I can only get them by hiring fishermen. Goblins haven’t dropped them yet.
-Is the accuracy of throwing weapons determined by the ranged skill, or entirely by the distance, no matter how skilled the user is?
-When using War Dogs in battles with the militia, the militia attempts to kill them! ;( Haven’t seen melee attacks, but ranged attacks.
-The bandit armor decreases the max. fatigue less then regular armor with the same durability. Same for vision. Also these bandit helmets with the red cloth appear very often for me. Most of my brothers have this helmet now, and I never had to buy any new helmets.
-I still get loot from enemies I didn’t kill. Is that supposed to be this way?
-I lost an even battle against the orcs (ugh…). So I reloaded and the orcs became stronger! I fought again, lost, reloaded, and they became even stronger! Even —> Challenging —> Deadly
-The young orcs name is “Orc Young”. Shouldn’t it be “Young Orc”?

I’m really enjoying this build. The goblins are very challenging and a bit overpowered. I lost two men against a puny goblin scout group, due goblin archers stabbing them to death. I had this one guy cornered with two of my BB, but they kept missing and missing for 3 turns (darn you RNG!), until the goblin killed one of them. The other one barely survived with critical health.
Also orcs appear to have better armor now. The warriors and leader are much tougher. Really hard to take down. Can’t imagine how it’d be to take on dozens of orc warriors at once, like in the old builds.