Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

Avatar photoSarissofoi

First I want to thank you for a new update. The changes to economy and slower gear progression is what I suggest many times before and it make me happy that they work well.
Also I like new increase in difficulty.
The Goblin facton is great addition too. They definitely are dangerous and can be deadly. Their military feel like full profesional compared to orcs or humans.
#If I can suggest split Goblin Skirmishers between Goblin Skirmishers(thrown weapons) and Goblin Footmen(pikes and spears). With main bulk of the bigger forces become the Footmen?
#Also maybe addition of Goblin Marauders/Militia for lower tier neutral goblin camps to let lower level brothers enjoy squashing goblin menace.

My biggest feel why many people feel that goblins are OP is that human militias are extremly weak.
The village militias should be much better armed like they are prety wealthy farmers with their sons and workers so they should actualy afford or make some decent equipment.
#Like basic militiamen should have some cap some decent light armour and spear+shield with sidearm combo. Retired soldiers and richer farmers(family heads) should have mail and better weapons. Plus some billhooks users and archers. They defend their lives lands and family so they should at last prepare for it.
#Other thing is that the villages militia should be more static and smaller hostile forces pursuing player band shouldn’t be easily baited to fight with them.
#City militia should be more professional. It is centre of commerce so they can craft better stuff and afford full paid garrison. Their garrison should be numerous and well armed but stationary. Small enemy parties should keep distance from city so player band can hide in safety.
Decreasing aggresivness of enemy band would also reduce using city or village militias exploit.

Overall I have great fun. Hope update for map and contracts will come soon. Also waiting for undead remake. Keep the good work.