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Hey Bottlebrother,
thanks for your thought through suggestions, its an interesting read.
I dont just want to “drown” this topic, but part of it will be handled with the rework of the whole perk system we want to do sometime during the worldmap rework.

Maybe I can clarify something here:
Old system: Random stat gain on each level up, depending on the stat. For example 2-4 point gain per level.
New system: Everybody gets the same amount for the same stat. Example: Melee skill +2 per level. Hitpoint +4 per level.
There is no difference between backgrounds, the same numbers for everybody.

This was neccessary to keep people from save-scumming and reloading until they scored the maximum point gain on all stats. Apart from that the range was too big. 4 points or 2, that double the points if you are lucky which is pretty unfair.


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