Reply To: Pip's Big List of Stuff, round 2 (Gobbos!)


A couple notes on “end game”

With the crew I mentioned in the first post, most fights at higher levels go like this.

1. Hold.
2. Hold until enemies get in range of crossbowmen
3. With high skill, and the goblin ballista, a crossbowman can kill 2 enemies on the first round, with a bit of luck. (+4 AP on kill, +50% damage on kill)
4. Wait 2 turns if needed for enough targets to get in range.
4b. Work your archers in pairs. Archer 1 shoots, if he doesn’t kill, archer 2 can get the kill and the buffs and easily score another kill (2 kills), repeat with archers 3 and 4. If you’re lucky, each archer kills with the first shot (easy with bandit thugs, ghouls or other unarmored enemies) and you can kill 8 enemies on the first round. Boom, battle won.
5. Shieldwall up to reduce throwing weapon damage and pot-shots from snipers.
6. Werewolves, goblin riders and ghouls get wasted, because they all move fast enough to get in range of all your archers.
7. Any enemies that hit your shieldwall get cut to pieces.
7b. Use the greatsword, it’s got so much more versatility over the greataxe.
7c. Shield bros should carry axe+cleaver and maybe an extra shield.
7d. Archers get another pack of bolts+noble sword/shield (just in case)
8. By this point, enemies with morale should be breaking. Often parties of bandits start running after the first round.
9. Break wall, unleash dogs, chase down any survivors.
10. Go back to the tavern for ale.

There are only 3 things this doesn’t work as well against.
1. Massive number of enemies, such as the Black Obelisk. I still won, but it was rough and I had luck on my side. Vampires really fuck up your archers and fatigue will creep up on you. I had a lucky break in their lines and rushed a bro out to disrupt the necromancers.
2. Orc warriors/warbosses. So much armor. Not unbeatable, but you have to play really smart as opposed to the lazy archer style.
3. Lost Souls. 100+ days, never saw a single one. Not sure how this team would work against them, because I keep morale fairly low.

At level 11ish and once you chase down enough goblins to get 4 of their crossbows, this team can waltz through anything except the above. It feels a bit meh, because every battle brother essentially loses any personality, because in order to get this group, you have to stat/equip them all the same. Because of the way stats work, the swordmaster that you paid thousands of gold pieces for doesn’t really shine much more than the farmer you paid a couple hundred for.